March 11, 2010

Skateboards ~ Irish / OctoSkull / Colorflies / Octopus Bee

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

Richfish Skateboard by RichFisher

A skateboard deck by Rich Fisher. He has more of these stylish boards coming in the near future. His style is unique and eye catching.

Snow Picture Skateboard by hannahaverypinky

Looking up at branches with snow, with a little bit of greenery in the background. This skateboard has a Zen feeling. Choose your skateboard deck style.

Irish Design Skateboard by gunjan_k30

A perfect skateboard for St. Patrick’s day and for all those Irish fans. Are you Irish, show your Irish pride and your sweet moves with this skate deck.

Octoskull Skateboard by DestroyArt

Rising from the depths, the tentacled terror known as Octoskull emerges to wreak havoc. Sweet looking skate board deck with a skull surrounded by octopus tentacles.

Colorflies Skateboard by SloaneSiklos

A colorful background is patterned with faint flowers and bright butterflies. Show your style with this bright and vibrant skateboard deck.

Octopus Bee Skateboard by Figbeater

Cute octopus bee design. A great design from the artist Eden Daugherty. Be sure to check out her other products. Design comes on different styles of boards.

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