May 31, 2012

Can you make a living from Zazzle and How do you get people to buy

The two biggest questions I get asked and many other Zazzle shopkeepers get asked are the following:

Can I make a living off of Zazzle?

Yes, read below for more.

How do you get people to purchase your Zazzle Products?

Use your own original designs that are good designs and the word of mouth will spread, read below for more.

There are no tricks to Zazzle. It works the same as any other business. Hard work, good products, and the people will come along with the profits. There are a lot of people that start a Zazzle store and are not prepared for the work load. It is like any other small business that is only run by one person. That one person spends a large time of his day working on the business. There are days when I am working on my store and I will be sitting at the computer, drawing up sketches, or getting drawings ready for uploading where I will be working for 8 hours or more. If you want it to be a self providing business, you have to view it as such. A business that needs as much attention as any other job. It takes several months sometimes a year before your store will take off. The word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising. Over time the people the few people that have purchased from your star at its start-up will start telling their friends about where they got the shirt. I know with my stores it took a good year, before I started seeing profits to the point where I was making as much as my day job. One of the biggest ways to make a good profit on Zazzle is to be original. Do not use clipart. Draw your own designs and use your own words. There is an overload of clipart on Zazzle and it is often overlooked, because it is clipart. The original designs and ideas stand a better chance of selling more products. I know you have heard the saying, "It takes money to make money." As this is true with any other business it is also true with Zazzle. Spending money on software, advertising materials, and your own products. Be prepared to buy your own products at sometime, because there will be that one product of yours that you really love. I have purchased several of my own T-Shirts and postcards through Zazzle when good sales have come up. If your still wondering if people can make a living off of Zazzle. The answer is YES, there are quite a few people that have quit their day jobs and are making more money than they did at them. But, and its a big But. You have to work hard at it and you have to be original and true to yourself. Meaning don't do what everyone else is doing. Find your own style and your own ideas. What I am trying to say is to build a brand. Make yourself stand out from the other millions of products on Zazzle. If you talk to any business owner, advertiser, or news agent. Branding is the biggest part and the most important factor of the business. If people like you and your brand. They are more inclined to make purchases and spread the word about your products. If you have any other questions feel free to comment on this blog and I will answer them in the later blog posts.

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