March 22, 2010

Graduation Invites / PanDuh Shirts / Fertility Bookmark

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Alien Flowers - Bumper sticker bumpersticker
Alien Flowers - Bumper sticker by moviereplicars
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Alien Flowers Bumper Sticker by moviereplicars

Use this colorful sticker to decorate a folder, book, or use as artwork. Great for the back of your car to show your artistic style.

Pan Duh T-Shirt by BuzzsawCreative

PanDuh is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He has a bad case of TMJ and his tongue is too big to fit in his mouth, but he has a heart of gold. He was outcast from his family because he was an embarrassment to the rest of the majestic, clever and powerful panda clan into which he was born. PanDuh now walks the earth doing his best to make something of himself and prove his worth to his disapproving clansmen.

Fertility Bookmark by danamariestudios

This bookmark was created using the painting Fertility, painted by Dana Marie. This bookmark will keep your spot well in your book and look nice sticking out of the top of your book. A vibrant red color with flower shapes and forms with a small bird perched upon them.

Graduation Invitation by SoCalTeeShirts

Send out this Graduation Announcement to friends and family. Celebrate an upcoming graduation with this photo card. Available in my different school colors. Customize them with your own senior picture and graduation information.

Easter Eggs in an Easter Basket Greeting Cards by mousearte

A colorful Easter vignette with brightly colored Easter Eggs in a ribbon tied Easter Basket framed with tulips and butterflies. Customize with your own message for the season. Matching stamps are also available from this store.

Seahorse Baby Boy 2.0 Binder by holidayparade

Baby blue swirls on a chocolate brown. A great binder for scrapbooking. The pattern circles all the way around the binder with its wonderful swirls.

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