March 3, 2010

Golden Fish / Lovely Postcard / Class Reunion Invitation

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

lovely postcard
lovely by eitherly
Create photo postcards at
Golden Fish kedsshoe
Golden Fish by Ppeppermint
Create custom Keds shoes on zazzle

Men’s Shoes by AbundanceLoveTrip

These stylish shoes by AbundanceLoveTrip have black stripes running diagonally down the sides. Contrasted by a dark Tan color for the tongue.

Sybil Cards by Ophelia1

A watercolor, gouache, and acrylic painting by Kristen Rose Jones. A young blonde girl wearing a dark cloak stands in in front of the moon.

Lovely Postcard by Eitherly

For when a description of where you are couldn’t possibly mean more than the one you are with. Beautiful drawing by Skylar Mcclellan. A man leans against a crooked tree as he watches his love swing on the swing hanging from it.

Custom Class Reunion Announcement by BeezKneez

A custom class reunion Save the Date card. This card is fully customizable. If you buy 250 of them, you save 35 cents each! Great for schools looking for an invitation to their class reunion.

Golden Fish Shoes by Ppeppermint

These kids shoes are fun and bubbly. A bright orange goldfish swims gracefully along the sides of the shoes. With blue stitching and white laces. Choose your size and enjoy!

J. David Mckenney Mousepad by JDavidMcKenney

This beautiful and brightly colored mouse pad features a cute blond girl popping her head out of the prairie. Surrounded by blue butterflies and pink and red flowers. A design by J. David McKenney

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