March 29, 2010

Fairy Friend / Three Wishes / Dragon Party

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

how soon is now postcard
how soon is now by loewin
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I Love My Heart bag
I Love My Heart by oph3lia
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flower child card
flower child by mandja
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Fairy Friend Card by elvenstarart

A fairy sits in the grass with her friend Mr. Toad. Great Fantasy Art greeting cards to send to friends and family.

How Soon is Now Postcard by loewin

Original Mixed Media Painting by Donna Walsh. A cascade of beautiful colors on this unique postcard.

If I Could Give You Three Wishes Poster by shawnaerback

Signature Style of artist Shawna Erback. A heart sits on tree swing on a summers night, looking off into the distance at the starry sky.

I Love My Heart Canvas Bags by oph3lia

These geeky graphics express the sentiment “I love my heart,” but where you’d usually see a cartoon heart is a a little image of the organ instead. Perfect for anatomy enthusiasts, doctors, people who want to spread awareness of heart disease, or people that just love their heart.

Packed in Party Dragons Card by Shadowind_ErinCooper

Are you ready for the party? All the dragons are packed in and waiting for you to arrive. Great funny and cute greeting cards for any occasion. Use them for invites, special messages, or just a good smile and laugh.

Flower Child Greeting Card by mandja

Flower Child drawing by Mandy Hedrick. Her hair is made up of many different types of spring flowers.

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