March 2, 2010

Kawaii Cupcake / Wizards Lair Postcard / Bunny Basket

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BIG-hearted print
BIG-hearted by theartoflove
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Kawaii Cupcake Mouspad by Sugaroverkill
A cute vanilla cupcake with a little cherry on top. Check out the “Kawaii Food Attack” series for more.
Tags: cute, wicked, kawaii, cupcake, japanese, pop, art, anime, food, desserts, cherry.

Wizards Lair Poster by HarvestMoonGallery
Originally an Encaustic (hot wax painting) piece. The wizard awaits in his cathedral like cave.
Tags: encaustic, halloween, lair, cave, wizard, bats, dark, blue.

Gimme Chocolate Bunny Basket Magnet by Pickedradish
Wear this button and save the little bunny from the the Gimme Ghoulie.
Tags: bunny, chocolate, gimme, rabbit, magnet, eggs, easter, blue, candy, candies, basket.

Down on the Farm Print by Henrytheartist
Print entitled down on the farm featuring cows grazing near an old barn, painted by henrytheartist.
Tags: painting, watercolor, farm, poster, print, barn, grazing, cows.

BIG-Hearted Print by TheArtOfLove
Big-hearted for all those whose hearts are too big to carry.
Tags: heart, big, art, girl, cute, love, wheelbarrow, fields, hills, clouds, flowers, print.

Cross Stitch Floral Pattern Binder by Dutchdesign
Tradition Dutch Cross stitch pattern on a binder. Great for holding cross stitching patterns. A great gift for family and friends.
Tags: dutch, cross, stitch, pattern, patterns, design, flower, tulip, binder, stitching, gifts.

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