March 24, 2010

Monster Magnet / Band-aid sticker / Easter Bunny

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

Creative Orange Monster Magnet by ninjahijinx

A cute orange monster contemplates what to draw next. A great magnet for holding up your children’s art and school papers on the refrigerator.

Dingoartpro Green Standing Skateboard by tommynoshitsky

Check out this cool skateboard deck. It features a close up of a dog with a slight green overtone to the image.

Bunny and Bird Easter Postcard by hauke_vagt

Surprise! Send Happy Easter greetings to your friends and family with this cute postcard. A bunny looks at an egg that just hatched, with a surprise. The bunny is decked out in a green sweater and some spiffy sunglasses.

Band aid Bumper Sticker by cowprod

A bumper sticker that looks like a giant band aid. A great cover up for those auto boo boos. Sure to get laughs from those driving behind you. You could also put this bumper sticker on binders and notebooks.

Easter Bunny Holding a Basket with Eggs Cards by monkeyjenn

Isn’t that the cutest little bunny you have ever seen. This cute bunny holds his Easter basket filled with colorful eggs. He continues to search for the eggs. There are two hiding in the grass near him. The inside text is customizable.

Cartoon Bull Kids T-Shirts by Toonboy

These kid shirts are just to cute to pass up. A hand drawn bull smiles back at you with his big horns. Shirt is available in five different colors and many styles. Shirt styles for infants and kids.

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