February 28, 2010

ZTTBA ~ February 28, 2010

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

Sharks at Sunset card
Sharks at Sunset by Sphinx_N_Phoenix
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Desert Beauty postcard
Desert Beauty by artistonthemesa
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I Love Mermaids Avery Binder by MeadowPixieArts
Art by Terrel Smith-Dorfeo. A lovely mermaid with a long flowing locks catches you watching her! Mixed media art. This binder is perfect for the mermaid enthusiast. Lots of green and aqua colors.
Tags: mermaid, love, siren, red, green, aqua, binder, sea, redhead, underwater.

Sharks at Sunset Cards by Sphinx_N_Phoenix
It’s almost a play on the term oxymoron. To, watch a beautiful sunset, but the irony of the dangerous sharks in the view.
Tags: sharks, sunset, cards, ocean, irony, seagulls, fins.

Canada Rocks – Curling T-Shirts by Roubstoman
Olympics design about curling. Canada Rocks! with maple leaf and curling rocks.
Tags: Canada, Olympics, curling, gold, silver, medal, 2010, Vancouver, rock, Canadian, maple, leaf.

Cow Heart Stickers by Gordonbruce
Cow with a heart Oil Painting by Gordon Bruce.
Tags: cow, heart, stickers, Gordon, Bruce, pink, oil, painting, stickers, love, meadow, purple.

Doberman Head Cards by DDGraphix
Uncropped Doberman head in Red/Brown color. Available in all four colors. Also see cropped designs.
Tags: Doberman, head, red, brown, uncropped, cropped, dobe, dobie, dog, dogs, cards, vector.

Desert Beauty Postcards by Artistonthemesa
This image is from an original acrylic painting by Gayle Wibson.
Tags: cactus, prickly, pear, flowers, floral, art, painting, desert, planet, postcards, acrylic, pink, green.

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