February 20, 2010

ZTTBA ~ February 20, 2010

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

GYM shirt
GYM by vintagetshirts
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'Greek Village Gossips' print
'Greek Village Gossips' by yvonneayoub
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GYM T-Shirt by vintagetshirts
Gym/workout shirt of the month! I Monopolize the Lamest Gym Equipment. Great dark T-Shirt to wear while your working out at the gym.
Tags: gym, weights, lifting, work, out, fat, overweight, curves, cardio, aerobics, running, fitness, training, funny, hilarious, ridiculous, humorous, bizarre, lame, equipment, monopoly, sports, ball, exercise.

Little Monster – youth or toddler T-Shirt by NightOwlsMenagerie
This silly monster made from original artwork is perfect for your little one’s personality. The top text can be customized of left blank.
Tags: monster, kid, toddler, customize, green, monsters, creatures, kids, crazy.

Taking a break Buck Cards by funnyteetimes
Enjoy this Original Pencil of a large buck taking a break. A great Birthday card for Dad, Fathers Day, or the Deer animal lover. Greetings to a friend or a loved one for a special customizable gift.
Tags: birthday, cards, thank, you, deer, buck, animals, nature, country, dad, father, greeting, hunting, hunter.

Greek Village Gossips Poster by yvonneayoub
From an original painting in acrylics (size 102cm*76cm) by Yvonne Ayoub, showing two villagers gossiping sitting under a canopy of vibrant pink bougainvillea. A typical street scene in Skiathos old town.
Tags: Greece, Skiathos, bougainvillea, pink, turquoise, door, architecture, women, character, gossip, painting, acrylic, poster.

Wild Ride – Spirit Wolf Skateboard by romanceworks
Take a wild ride on this white wolf skateboard. Spirit Wolf is from the “Spirit of the Wild” series of the original wildlife art by Carol Cavalaris. Wolf, spirit of freedom, your howl so primal and strong, saying you are where you belong.
Tags: skate, board, skateboard, wolf, white, howling, spirit, Carol, Cavalaris, romance, art, native, American, fantasy, wolves, blue, feathers, deck.

Girl with bicycle, born to be wild Binder by zsooofija
Cute girl riding her bike on an Avery Binder. Great for school, home, or scrapbooking.
Tags: girl, bike, bicycle, cute, cartoon, born, wild, fun, cool, binder, school, office, girly, kid, childish, humorous, retro, sunglasses, ray, light, tassels, scarf.

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