February 16, 2010

ZTTBA ~ February 16, 2010

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

Rainbow Works Note Card by acrylicana
Notes to self, notes to others.
Tags: rainbow, collage, urban, graffiti, art, fruit, clouds, monster, cupcake, kawaii.

LuckyVelusa Postcard by creativetaylor
LuckyVelusa is an Irish Beauty in her shamrock garland and Celtic knot necklace – what a lovely way to say Hello! Customize this card with your own greeting and/or photos on the other side!
Tags: redhead, Irish, Ireland, cartoon, St. Patrick, beauty, Celtic, shamrock, rainbow.

Women’s Vampugula T-Shirt by Boodapug
Blah Vampugula swoops onto a T-Shirt near you!
Tags: boodapug, pug, dog, vampire, Halloween, pugs.

Let’s Climb Trees by zozocards
Two Happy Koala bears climbing a very big tree.
Tags: animal, Australia, koala, eucalyptus, trees, leaves, happy, children, nursery.

Monogram Balloon Baby Thank You Card by OrangeOstrichDesigns
A customizable monogram Baby Shower Thank You card. Thank your friends for coming to your shower and giving you gifts with these Thank you cards.
Tags: thank you, baby, shower, monogram, gifts, newborn, balloons, cloud, floating, retro, happy, pink.

Bird on Bamboo Mousepad by SBCSTUDIO
A lovely bird rests on top of a bamboo tree limb.
Tags: bird, bamboo, mousepad, simple, elegant, stylish, vector, tranquil, forest, yoga, meditate, branches.

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