February 19, 2010

Monthly Shop Interview ~ Shadowind_ErinCooper

Every month we will be interviewing a Zazzle Shop owner. This month we are featuring Erin Cooper, her Zazzle store is Shadowind_ErinCooper. She accepted our interview request to be our first Monthly Shop Interview. To view some of her products, scroll to the bottom of the interview.

Zazzle Tops: Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Erin Cooper: I love nature and I draw a lot of inspiration for my art from both nature and mythology. My hobbies are horse-back riding, and reading. I love doing art of all sorts. I try not to confine myself to just one medium but like to experiment with both traditional and computer arts. I love doing fantasy and mythological creatures because they are fantasy and nobody has ever really seen a dragon or a gryphon. It leaves it more open to creative interpretation. However I do loosely base most of the fantasy creatures I draw on real animals.

Zazzle Tops: What is your favorite Zazzle design and why?

Erin Cooper: Lets see, out of some of my more serious products on Zazzle I rather like my “Together We Are One” unicorn Christmas design. I also have some more cute cartoon designs such as the lil' dragon series. Out of those I rather like the “Hot Stuff” design the most at the moment. I hope to do more of that series though. I like the "Together We Are One" design because of the meaning it has behind the art and the peaceful feel that it has with the colors. The "Hot Stuff" design I just think turned out very cute, and I love marshmallows!

Zazzle Tops: What do you like most about Zazzle?

Erin Cooper: I like that it is easy to change my shop around and personalize it the way I want, and the variety of products that are offered.

Zazzle Tops: If you could buy anything from your shop what would it be?

Erin Cooper: Well, I like a number of the greeting cards that I have done, but I am also really fond of the dragon shoes.

Zazzle Tops: What are your future plans with your Zazzle store?

Erin Cooper: As I mentioned before I would like to continue my line of lil dragon designs. I would also like to come up with a line of zodiac products doing different designs for each of the zodiac signs. I create art somewhat spontaneously depending on my inspiration, so a few other product designs may make it in the shop as well.

Zazzle Tops: Do you worry about putting your art online?

Erin Cooper: Yes, sometimes I do worry a bit but I do know there are people out there that will steal art and when I do put stuff up I always try to take the necessary measures to keep that from happening. I also try to keep in mind that if my work is stolen that it can be reported. I try to think of it in a positive light as well, if my work is good enough that someone tries to steal it then that means it is good enough hopefully people will want to buy it too. Plus some risk is always involved in ventures but i think it’s worth it to take the risk.

Zazzle Tops: Do you use a tablet when creating your art?

Erin Cooper: Yes, I have a rather old wacom tablet that I got back in high school, but it still works rather well.

Zazzle Tops: Do you have any advice for other Zazzle’rs and artists?

Erin Cooper: Just to keep trying and putting their art out their in the world and eventually it will pay off. Publicize as much as you possibly can and don't give up if you don't make a lot of money right away.

Shadowind_ErinCooper Popular Products

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