February 17, 2010

ZTTBA ~ February 17, 2010

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

Blue Weeds mousepad
Blue Weeds by doodles_daddles
Design customized mouse pads online at zazzle.com

Heleakala Sunrise Mousepad by skystudiohawaii
The Apollo astronauts trained here for their moon walks, mixed media.
Tags: crater, Hawaii, mount, night, signs, starry, sunrise, stars, volcano, zodiac, moon.

Party Invitation Notecard by MyLineDesign
Birthday Invitation for the 1st Birthday. Come to my Party!
Tags: birthday, invitation, green, one, party, hat, confetti, glitter.

Interlude of the Doppelganger Mousepad by IvyDragonFineArt
Original artwork is Acrylic on 14*18 stretched canvas. Doppelganger “a ghostly counterpart of a person, a ghostly double of a living person. In mythology – a doppelganger is a harbinger of death for it’s real life counterpart if seen. This painting was inspired by the songs of “Interlude” & “Doppelganger” from the album “Anhedonia” by the band the Graduate.
Tags: doppelganger, faerie, fairy, gold, green, magic, tree, ivy, dragon fire, splatter, Irish, St. Patrick.

18K Golden with Deep Red Water Lily Card by FractaGifts
Use the “Customize It” button to resize / rearrange artwork to your preference and to add text. Water Lilly created by Joanne’s Digital Designs
Tags: golden, deep, red, water, lily, card, fractals, fractals, flower.

Blue Weeds Mousepad by doodles_daddles
These simple yet elegant flowers are rich in blue watercolor.
Tags: daisy, flower, growing, wildflowers, native, plant, summer, blue, doodle, poppy, seeds, wild.

Green and White Abstract Butterflies by stationeryshop
Beautiful abstract butterflies in green and white. Use it as a gardening journal, school notebook, photo album, art portfolio, and more. Easily edit the text on the front to suit your needs and make the binder personal.
Tags: butterflies, clovers, abstract, green, white, customizable, custom, binder, album, school.

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