February 11, 2010

ZTTBA ~ February 11, 2010

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

311-Pink Floral Flourish | Mint Blue Custom Invitation by Jill311
This fully customizable invitation is great for all of your events.
Tags: wedding, rehearsal, baby, shower, mitzvah, sixteen, party, shower, engage, engagement, dinner, cocktail, celebration, engaged, business, invitations.

Slow Ride Card by aquaobscura
Slow Ride by Crystal Dunne features a young fairy girl riding on a snail.
Tags: fantasy, art, fairy, wings, snail, pencil, drawing, magic, majick, fairies.

Partridge in a Pear Tree Nature Postcards by VermontMooments
These postcards feature a pair of pears beautifully photographed.
Tags: pear, inspirational, fruit, spring, holiday, trees, partridge.

Shadow Dancer Posters by earthwindhorses
Black Arabian stallion dances with his shadow. “From the beginning, the creation of “Shadow Dancer” was a magical experience. Once in a while a painting just slides onto the paper, as if it has always been waiting to happen. The result was somehow pure, without complication… the essence of the Arabian horse. So sure of himself and of his beauty, he dances with his shadow in the moonlight, in a unique vision of self expression.” ~ Kim McElroy
Tags: horse, horses, black, arabian, stallion, sand, dance, shadow

Cloudy Sunset Over Trees at Brocket Hall Poster by bastilique
Photographed by Sebastian Proksch.
Tags: cloudy, sunset, trees, brocket hall, photograph, nature, hill.

Fly Away With Me Greeting Card by jgouveia
Swing till the birds sing. Beautiful and charming painting of an old fashioned swing hanging from a tree. Original done in pen, ink, and watercolor for an ACEO card.
Tags: swing, tree, nature, peace, child, happy, play, nostalgic.

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