April 30, 2010

Joy Mousepad, George Washington, Little Pig Magnet

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Joy mousepad
Joy by Angellights
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Joy Mousepad by Angellights

A young angel smiles back at you.

Time Mousepad by walkinthewoodsllc

This image is a reproduction of an original Nature inspired mixed-media piece. It combined acrylic pain, collage and a pressed leaf.

Modern Gothica by ShazJustice

A young gothic girl on a dark binder.

Little Pig Summer Magnet by ringococo

A little pig drinks his cold water on a hot summer day.

Three Presidents and the U.S. Flag Poster by parrow1978

Presidents Adams, Washington, and Jefferson -- The Big Three of American History. These Patriots were the first three U.S. Presidents and played key roles in shaping the U.S. Government as we know it today.

Magnificent Arabian Horse Print by jaisjewels

Scintillating to the spirit, the magnificence of the Arabian horse emerges in brilliant color.

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