May 1, 2010

Ice Skating / Mother’s Day Mousepad / Wizard Ferret

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

ice ice Jimmy magnet
ice ice Jimmy by ringococo
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Wizard ferret card
Wizard ferret by bekibunny
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Ice Ice Jimmy Magnet by ringcoco

Customize this magnet of a young boy skating on the ice.

Mother’s Day Mousepad by doodles_daddles

This cute mousepad is a great gift to give to the mom who works on her computer. The beautiful message of love you will be sure to brighten her days.

Humanity Mousepad by Lucas46551

Humanity abstract painting by Mike Lucas.

Wizard Ferret Note Card by bekibunny

Wizard ferret would like to conjure up some eggs and bacon!

Blue Ballerina Poster by TJConway

This is a beautiful canvas print of the "Blue Ballerina" by UK artist Tom Conway.

I Am a Creative Beast Magnet by rickdb2001

A great magnet to hold your child’s art, or your own art up on the refrigerator.

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