April 6, 2010

Hope Whispers / Cross and Circles / Grumpy Fairy

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

CUBE stamp
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Hope Whispers Greeting Cards by DudaDaze

A bit of hope in the form of a card. This card features Diane Duda’s new painting, “Hope Whispers.” Feel free to change the inside text. Matching postage stamps are also available.

Cross and Circles Mousepad by stylishimoarts

Blue mousepad with blue circles and a cross. Great as a religious gift, or to show your faith at work.

Doom Binder by margaretnicholdesign

Colorful stripes on a black background with a skull and crossbones. Doom! Great Binder with matching ties and other gifts.

Grumpy Red Fairy Mousepad by strangeling

Grumpy Red Fairy, the name says it all! She may be grumpy, but she sure is cute. When she started painting this image she started giggling. She’s trying to look fierce, but its just not working. The black and red color combination are very striking with their deep contrast. Great gift for fairie lovers and those fantasy fans out there.

Cube Postage Stamps by Redinard

Abstract cubes and spheres on glass surfaces. Great abstract art piece in the form of a United States Postage Stamp.

Paint Splatter Tie by margaretnicholdesign

Show a little of your crazy style at work with this paint splatter tie. It goes from a yellow color to violet red at the top of the tie. Great gift for teachers and artists.

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