April 12, 2010

Soy Happy Together / Love Hope Peace / Rocketship

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I Wear My Heart on My Owl Tote Bag by peaandme

A cute owl tote bag to carry around school and town. A great bag for carrying your library books or getting the groceries home.

Soy Happy Together Magnet by kimchikawaii

Sushi and soy sauce go together hand in hand. A match made in heaven. Look at how much they love each other. This magnet will go great on your fridge.

Wings of A Dove Invitation Card by ArtDivination

On the wings of a dove flies the universal message of love, hope, and peace for all of the world. Spread the Peace with this invitation card.

Ice Cream Man in his Sweet Truck Apron by PeppersPolishMafia

Are you an ice cream man? Then this apron is perfect for you. “I Drive A Sweet Truck,” says the apron with a picture of an ice cream truck all decked out in its ice cream goodness.

Holy Cow! I Forgot Your Birthday Cards by cfkaatje

A funny belated birthday card. Customize the card to add your own text on the inside. A flying holy cow says, “I forgot your birthday!”

Rocket Ship Kids T-Shirt by PeppermintPig

A fun rocket ship flying through the stars. A fun every day shirt that your child can wear to school. Blast off, to outer space and science exploration, see the stars, the planets, and the asteroids.

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