April 1, 2010

Rock N Rolla Shirt / Parasite Magnets / Grad Invite

Zazzle Tops Today’s Best Awards

snake sticker sticker
snake sticker by darkheart1
Make a photo sticker using zazzle

Rock N Rolla T-Shirt by CrazyzeeStuff

Lets Rock and Roll! Style this shirt at any concert or party and get loads of compliments. Great shirt to wear to school also. Vintage and retro.

Parasites: Pinworms (Enterobius) Magnets by scythermantis

Pinworms (genus Enterobius) are believed to be the most common parasitic infection of the human race, possibly infecting more than 10% of the world population at any given time. Inhabiting the colon in great numbers, female worms emerge from the anus at night to deposit their eggs and die. Itchiness of the skin around the anus encourages the host to scratch, spreading the sticky eggs on their fingers and re-infecting themselves indefinitely.

Snake Sticker by darkheart1

A cool magenta cobra intertwined with a skull and some roses. Tattoo style of artwork.

One Man Wolf Pack T-Shirt by curious_inkling

One Man Wolf Pack T-shirt. Great for bachelor parties or anytime wear this funny t-shirt is artfully created with loads of character and personality.

Malicious Photo Sculpture by AltoonatiV

This photo sculpture, part of the Twisted Creatures series, is perfect for any fan of the strange and different! Mechanical spider with skulls.

Graduation Party Girly Pink Invitation by pixibition

Invite your friends and relatives to graduation party with this graduation announcement! Fully Customizable. Add your own information to the card to make it personal.

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