October 9, 2010

Vintage Violin / Thanksgiving Cards / Purple Umbrella

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Arrowhead by jhomejimbo
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Thanksgiving is November 25th, just a little over a month away. Have you decorated your yard, harvested the pumpkins, or stuffed the scarecrows with hay? Now is the time to get into the fall season. The leaves around us are beginning to change and the nights are getting longer. The smell of pumpkin pie fills the air. Melanieandmorgens store brings us a really neat hand drawn Thanksgiving card today, Be Thankful for Vegetables.

Another sign of the fall is the squirrels and chipmunks running around gathering their nuts and gathering grass for their winter homes. Meg_Stewart brings us this absolutely adorable chipmunk button today, asking us to recycle. Be sure to wear this button around and you will for sure get people interested in recycling. How could you not, with a button that cute.

The store dancing_with_light brings us a purple umbrella poster. The artist Ann Garrett, who is a digital artist and photographer, created this umbrella digitally. This poster comes in a myriad of sizes from 11 by 16 inches to 35 by 52 inches.

The photographer Maria Dryfhout presents us with a rich vintage card. A violin sits upon a red velvet chair with sheet music in between the two. A great card to send to those in the high school orchestra. It can also be used as a great holiday card.

Another great poster on the marketplace today is the arrowhead made out of the faces of Indians. Do check out he’s other artworks. His store has many illustrations of large images made up of small symbolic images. Such as, the dog hydrant made out of dogs, the seal made out of fish, or the jack-o-lantern made out of skeletons.

Are your kids ready for Halloween? They probably are not if they don’t have this cool skulls binder by FredzCards. They are fully customizable, so you can put what subject they are for at school and your child’s name. White Skulls at the top with red blood dripping down the sides of the binder.

Vintage Violin Cards
by dryfhout
Skullz Binder by FredzCards
Arrowhead Poster by jhomejimbo
Purple Umbrella Poster by dancing_with_light
Be Thankful for Vegetables Cards by malanieandmorgens
Chipmunk for Recycling Button by Meg_Stewarts

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