October 22, 2010

Bunny / Pumpkin Witch / Animal Families / Monkey

Zazzle Tops Best Awards

Fall Leaves Shirt shirt
Fall Leaves Shirt by Mousefx
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Six of the Best new products from the Zazzle marketplace are featured today. After searching for several hours through the new products we bring you six of the best we found today.

Fall is here, the leaves are all falling and the ground is full of orange and red color. Mousefx brings us a hoodie with fall leaves on it. This hoodie will keep you warm all fall while you enjoy the leaves with your family. Raking the leaves up and watching your kids and pets jumping into the pile scattering them back around the yard. What else happens in the Fall? Halloween, of course. Check out the Zoom the Broom mousepad featuring the original art of Susie McCaffrey. An orange cat witch flies across the night sky. Some local bats follow her across the sky. Another witch themed gift today is the Pumpkin Witch postcards featuring the art of Katerina Koukiotis.

Are your kids ready for Halloween. Their costumes picked out and fitted? Their candy bags at the ready? What, you haven’t gotten them a candy bag yet. Well, then you should get them this cool Canvas Bag featuring a stuffed pink bunny with button eyes as their trick or treat bag. It’s a canvas bag so it can stretch if you get a big candy load this year.

Looking to just stay warm this fall and you love monkeys? Then you will love the monkey hoodie from the new store LoveMeSome. It will add a +1 to your cuteness stats this fall.

We also featured a really cool binder today featuring farm animals. From the art collection of Ruby Roth, author and artist of the top-selling children's book "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals: A Book About Vegans, Vegetarians, and All Living Things,"

Fall Leaves Hoodie
by Mousefx
Bunny Canvas Bag by weirdklown
Zoom the Broom Mousepad by MOUSEMAT
Pumpkin Witch Postcards by katerinaart
Animal Families Binder by WeDontEatAnimals
Monkey Dark Hoodie by LoveMeSome

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