October 7, 2010

Thank You / Snaggle Tooth / KiniArt Westie Terriers

Zazzle Tops – Best Awards

Bringing you the best of Zazzle everyday. Today we found some great finds. Some from old store and some from new stores. Check out the Young Girl Thank You Cards by continuous_gifts. This is a new store with great drawings. She has many other greeting cards for young kids.

Another new shop is mollyculesart, her Snaggle Tooth T-Shirt is sure to get laughs and comments. A great Halloween outfit. She describes herself as mollycules, which means a blend of cartoony elements known for whimsical creations.

A very well known artist Kim Niles, with her store KiniArt, brings us a new Westie Dog T-Shirt today. Featuring the pet portrait of Morgan and Emily. Her art is very cute and is great for dog lovers. Check out her full store to see more of her great products.

Has your child recently lost their tooth, or want to send a card to a friend. Check out the I Lost a Tooth notecards by the new store LindaSochaJaworski. Her style is very retro and is bright and cheery. Be sure to click on the card to see more of her great products.

A very well established Zazzle artist, Strangeling, brings us a new mousepad featuring the three fates. The two hold up the string of life as the other holds out the scissors to cut it. If you are not sure who the three fates are,  I suggest watching the Disney movie, Hercules.

Looking for absolute gorgeous paintings of nature? Check out the Romanceworks store. Today she brings us a new card entitled, Mates. A great lion card to send to friends and family.

Current Zazzle Sale

Columbus Day Sale – Save 14.92% off Everything. Yes, you heard right, off of everything! Be sure not to pass this sale up. A great deal to help you bring art into your life through great T-Shirts and Gifts.

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