February 27, 2011

Zazzle Community – Top Sellers / Answers / Polls

We have asked on Twitter what other Shopkeepers best selling products were. We only received two replies today. We will ask this question every Saturday and if you see us tweet it be sure to respond, so your product can be featured too.

Zazzle Store – Softproduct

Their number one seller is a T-Shirt – Aviation Physics
Suck, Bang, Blow. It's just that simple. This aviation physics tee shirt will get laughs at the airport flight school for sure. A must have item for the pilot, or pilot to be!

Zazzle Store – Moonduster

Their number one seller is a Note Card – In Daddy’s Hands
This emotive photograph of a newborn baby's hand being held by her dad's hand makes a beautiful notecard. Makes a great gift!

Have you filled out our polls on our Zazzle Tops Squidoo Lens ? The following questions are on our lens and get be filled out just by clicking. Are you curious to see how other people answered? Fill out your answer first and then you will be able to see the percentages of other peoples votes.

How much time do you spend on Zazzle each day?
Zazzle Tops Squidoo Lens

Have you purchased something from Zazzle?
Zazzle Tops Squidoo Lens

How much money do you earn on average each month from Zazzle?
Zazzle Tops Squidoo Lens

We also have a question and answer part of the lens. This week WindyWinters asked a question about store organization. Organizing your store is very important. If you confuse your customers they are less likely to make a purchase.

- Windy Winters
I have my product lines listed by their names "ie marigolds and not by product type ie mousepads. Do you think I should have them listed both ways or leave my product line the way it is featured? Thanks!

- Zazzle Tops
Either way is fine. I prefer to have them listed by subject. Because Zazzle gives us the drop down option of searching by type. Thus allowing us to search first by subject, then using the drop down for type, which narrows it done to just we want.

- WindyWinters
Thanks for replying so quickly. I had asked in the Z forum and someone had suggested I list by product name but somehow "subject" makes more sense. Thanks!

If you have a question about Zazzle feel free to fill out the question form on our lens and we will try to answer it as quickly as we can. If we cannot find the answer for you one of our fellow lens viewers may be able to answer it. Also, if you know the answer to a question that has been asked or wish to add to the discussion you can chime in with a reply.
Zazzle Tops Squidoo Lens


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