February 18, 2011

Elf vs Dragon / Peace on Earth Stamps / Smiling Pug

Zazzle Tops Best Awards

Wow!, look at the amazing artists we found today on Zazzle. Some of the best art products we have found all year. Stamps, mousepads, and notecards featured today from six wonderful Zazzle stores.

Into Fantasy realms? The mousepad we featured today from siffert has a drawing of an Elf standing valiantly with his or her sword held high and shield at the ready to battle the furious dragon. The dragon taunts the elf with a fiery blaze that surrounds them both.

The world has been a very crazy place lately. With the somewhat peaceful revolution in Egypt, the violent revolution in Iran, union worker stand offs in Wisconsin. Let us all pray for peace and hope it travels. Spread the word of Peace on Earth with these wonderful stamps by Laura Regan. Hopefully one day there will be Peace on Earth and we can sleep out under the stars without any worries.

Sending some love to a friend? Do they have the key to your heart? Send your love letters with this cute little stamp on the envelope with a heart locket. Be sure to let them know how much you love them and that your heart is locked and only they have the key for your heart.

Are you a dog lover? Do you have a pug? If you love pugs you will absolutely adore this smiling pug mousepad we found today. Lucy has a lot of wonderful dog gifts, but this one made us feel all sorts of good and happy on the inside. How can you say no to that? It is just too darn cute when a dog is smiling that big.

Have you seen the art of Adele? Her art is full of creatures from nature that have been anthropomorphized. Meaning the animals have been given human traits that are usually only regarded as a human quality. Such as wearing clothes, flying kites, protecting each other from the rain by holding a mushroom umbrella. We featured a postage stamp from her store today of a full mouse sleeping next to an eaten apple and apple worm looks at him pondering where his home went.

You really have to check out the lynneandjessica store. They are fairly new to Zazzle, but their stuff is wonderful. Hand drawn pictures of horses on note cards. Each card is very unique, but just as equally wonderful. Today we featured an image that brings up thoughts of Spring. The weather outside is slowly warming up and the grass is once again showing up from underneath the snow. Spring will be upon us soon. This note card of a horse running next to the river on a sunny day is sure to brighten any ones day.

Elf vs Dragon Mousepad by E. D. "Luna" Siffert
Peace on Earth U.S. Postage Stamps by Laura Regan
Lock To My Heart Fairy Postage Stamps by Julia Finucane
Black Smiling Pug Whassup?! Mousepad by Lucy Dog Design
Cute Smiling Mouse & Apple Worm Postage Stamps by Adele
Running Dapple Horse Note Card by Lynne Oliver

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