July 27, 2010

Schnauzer Cards / Harvest Moon Owls / Rockstar T-Shirt

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Schnauzer Card card
Harvest Moon magnet
Corgi and Giraffe Snapshots shirt 
graff monster skateboard
boy & bear shirt
N1ki's Kawaii Rockstar Text Shirt shirt

Schnauzer Card by PawsofGlory

An illustration of a Smart Schnauzer. This original cartoon illustration is a simple and bold animal design available on a wide range of customizable T-shirts and merchandises. This cute Schnauzer is perfect for any member of the family!

Harvest Moon Magnet by katemccredie

Owls under the Harvest Moon.

Corgi and Giraffe Snapshots T-Shirt by MenagerieMayhen

Hilarious Pembroke Welsh Corgi shirts with original cartoon art by Susan Stoneman. A little corgi drawing is snickering and pointing at the complete opposite animal in the background - a giraffe! Funny comparison of a dwarf dog breed to a very long legged critter. Made to look like photographs from an African safari, and it takes three photos pasted together to show the entire giraffe!

Graff_Monster Skateboard by hoakser

designed by hoakser.. inspired by an old guns n roses sleeve artwork.. the graffiti monster

Boy and Bear T-Shirt by octopus08

A little boy rides his bear through the snow.

N1ki’s Kawaii Rockstar T-Shirt by N1kishop

Cute star playing a guitar and singing by N1ki.

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