June 10, 2010

Zazzle in the News - Artist brings fantasy to real world

Artist brings fantasy to real world
The Journal Gazette – Fort Wayne, IN

Artist Erin Cooper has drawn that fantastical sentiment on T-shirts and other items.

She also loves, and illustrates, unicorns, owls and other mythical (and mundane) creatures. Her latest project: A series of T-shirts that represent the 12 zodiac signs.

She illustrated a children’s book, “Zeneta: A Faery’s Tale,” written by her mother, Rojeanne Cooper. They self-published it last fall.

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Shadowind_ErinCooper Zazzle Products

Raven Sky Tie tie
i is Lucky! St. Patrick's Day Card card
Different! Upside Down Owl Hat hat

There is an old Native American tale that tells Raven fell in love with the sky kings daughter and to impress her he stole fire from the sky king. His feathers which were once colorful and beautiful were scorched black by the smoke of the flame, and as he flew the sparks from the flame created the stars and planets. finally the flame became too hot for him and he dropped it in the sky and it became the sun!
Send your St. Patrick's day greetings with this adorable little dragon!
Little upside down owl is different and proud to be so!

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