June 5, 2010

Soccer Ball Crossbones / Abstract / Denim & Daises

Zazzle Tops – Best Awards

Milk board skateboard
Soccer Ball with Crossbones mousepad
Denim n Daisies Business Card Shabby Chic profilecard
Bridget the Vampire Kitty binder
Machiavelic creepy dolls puppets devil mischief print

Milk Board Skateboard Deck by Milica

Artist Milica Acimovic, digital and traditional illustrations. Young Blonde stares back at you from behind her hair.

Soccer Ball with Crossbones Mousepad by artmarx

Soccer ball with crossbones. Add text. Have fun.

Abstract Tie by LCSTARR

Abstract Tie of green red and yellow colors.

Denim n Daisies Business Card by Shabby Chic

Denim and roses Wedding Response Card / business card.

Bridget the Vampire Kitty Binder by ShazJustice

This design was a custom creation for a wonderfully talented artist named, you guessed it, Bridget! If you would like a custom design created for you, please contact Shannon@LollipopLabs.com

Creepy Dolls Puppets Devil Mischief Posters by fanfreluche

Punch and Judy gone wild. Another good reason to be scared of puppets!

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