September 28, 2011

Cute Kittens, Forest Scenes, And Golf Party Invites

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Cute to the Factor of 10 and Striking to the Factor of 11

Six new great products that have been added to the Zazzle Marketplace today. Our first feature is a cute customizable party invitation. Two little mice are collecting cherries for their upcoming party. We also featured a new piece by that artist Michael Creese. An autumn woodland scene that is on a postcard. Then we found this really cute kitten keychain. Look at his big cute eyes that just make you want to smile. From the artist Ben Fellowes is a really cool poster entitled, Magical Voodoo. The orange background really brings out the image and makes it a stunning piece to hang on any wall. Halloween is coming up soon and we found this Skull T-Shirt that will be great to wear during the month of October. Our last feature of the day is a wonderful Golf Party invitation. All of the text is customizable, so you can change it to fit your needs. It is sure to get people to come out to your party.

Mice Stealing Cherries Party Invitation by Joy Art
Autumn Woodland Path Postcard by Michael Creese
Cute Kitty in Pink Keychain by Colonelle
Magical Voodoo Skull Warrior Poster by Ben Fellowes
Death Alulu Network T-Shirt by Worz Shop
Green Golf Ticket Party Invitation by Maddison Lane

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