December 28, 2010

Gasoline Prices / Gas Strikes / $3 a Gallon

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Gas prices are once again on the rise. The last time gas prices averaged $3 a gallon was in October of 2008. Gas prices here yesterday were $3.34. As gas prices continue to rise other things will slowly start to happen. The price of shipping will increase, the price of travel will increase, then unemployment will rise. We just started to get ourselves out of very bad economic times, but this new blow to the American economy will surely mean disaster.

Is it really driven by supply and demand or is the government and world leaders controlling it to benefit certain companies? We will probably never know the real answer, but we do know that higher prices at the pump mean more of our money from work being spent in order to get to work.

The United States is grumbling through the high gas prices, but in the Middle East where gas subsidies have been lowered, or eliminated, riots have been breaking out. Things will slowly get worse, but hopefully we will all be able to pull through it. I don’t know about you, but I am considering buying a reflective vest and a flashlight and walking to work.

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